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Imagine a world where you can transcend back in time and live your lovely moments once again. While time-travelling haven’t been invented yet, we know a way to make it possible. It is through our camera at Minakshi Studio – your one-stop destination for Pre-wedding, Wedding and Candid.
Wedding photography is imaginative, intimate and authentic. We don’t make photographs just with a camera. We bring you the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved. We all know that a wedding day is the culmination of a couples lives together up to that point. Minakshi Studio can bring all that back into focus.

 best wedding-photographer

What We Do

 best wedding-photographer


What better way could be to celebrate your love than a romantic pre-wedding shoot? Absolutely it is one of the best ways to announce that you two are in love and tying the knot.


Yayiee! It is the day your most lovely dreams will be turning into a reality - the time when two souls will unite forever. It is the time full of enchanting moments – she showcasing intricate mehndi work.

Cinematic Films

Alongside an extensive photo shoot, we also do Wedding Cinematic Films, wherein we produce an exquisite short film that showcases your wedding story in high definition.

best wedding-photographer

Why Choose Us

 best wedding-photographer
Wedding Photographer

The personal touch that we add as we capture your special moments is one of the reasons why we are considered amongst the best professionals by our clients
While a marriage consist of lots of rituals and hustle-bustles, we make sure to steal and capture natural moments and emotions to tell the tale most vividly. Be it a grandiose aerial shot or an adorable close-up shot, you can be sure that we’re going to leave no stone unturned to cover the best moments of your life.
We have a team of talented, energetic and crazy visual artist who work really hard to capture your special moments on your wedding days that you will cherish them all your life. The results are creative, timeless, romantic,fun & emotional. Each moment captured by the our team is special, it is a story of love and promise between the couple. The flow of emotions and vibrancy of cultures is the thing that keeps us hooked to shooting real and candid weddings.






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